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Out of the blue got a message from a mysterious stranger who needed some guitars doing in West London. Despite being a fair way out of the catchment I thought I’d give it a go. Turned out to be Cerys Matthews and she really is as gentle and lovely as they say.
What a great day getting some really iconic instruments sounding their best again.
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This lovely old violin came to me because the sound post had fallen over. The owner was unaware of the reason why but suffice to say it was in danger of some serious work. The back was coming off, the top was on its way and the sides were gapping.

Its now solid for hopefully another 55 years and looking beautiful to boot.
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I was given some scrap pine rescued from a discarded church pew and went about crafting a guitar body.
Despite it being relatively thin and knotty this thing really sings.
I've always admired Joe Satriani's chrome boy guitar so decided to mock my own version just for fun
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After playing a gig swapping back and forth between bass and electric guitar a friend of mine challenged me to construct a double neck version.
After rummaging around a timber reclamation yard I found the perfect piece of mahogany.
the necks and hardware are taken from my first ever Bass and Electric so "Frank" has got a special place in my heart.
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This thing had the full works, a refret, bone nut and set up.
The frets were extremely low after years of playing so the decision was made to replace them with some tasty new jumbo wire.
The nut had been cut down over the years and was far too low for the new fret wire so I installed a hand crafted bone nut.
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A collection of electrical upgrades.

I pride myself in the electrics not only being rock solid and a sonic improvement but also being as tidy as possible
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