Welcome to Mobile Guitar Workshop a Croydon based stringed instrument repairs and customisation service

As well as performing instrument repairs Luke is also a guitarist and multi instrumentalist. He has had the privilege of gigging and recording with some fantastic bands and artists, some highlights being a tour around Costa Rica with indie band Rivers & Robots (https://g.co/kgs/NuM984) and recording his sister’s debut album “The Singer’s Refrain” in Canada (https://open.spotify.com/album/5h14ce7mKcS7RdkqKYvkVB?si=zyUYk0uCRPK4GSk4n-1yyg)

In his time playing guitar Luke has worked with some great producers, a notable entry being music veteran Dan Cutrona who has played for Joe Cocker, The Bee Gee’s and Larry Norman to name but a few.


Here are some tracks which feature Luke's playing

Awaken (guitar) - Chris Roe:

Blanket jazz (guitar and co-writer) - Lizzie Stanley:

Letting Go (ukulele) - Lizzie Stanley:

As well as recording in the studio Luke also performs remote recording using his home studio.
One example is on the track "I need you" by Sam Daniel.
Luke was asked by Sam to record a solo (3:03) and to add an acoustic guitar for the outro (4:14) which he was able to send over in time for the track to be mixed and mastered.

I need you - Sam Daniel:

Aside from recording Luke has played live with the likes of:
Jules Rendell (https://g.co/kgs/VKytwU)
Lucy Grimble (http://g.co/kgs/XxR2iH)
DJ Mr Clottey (https://soundcloud.com/mrclottey)
Payback (https://payback.co.uk)
And has even been known to play in the band pit for a Pantomime or two.