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When guitars are bought new they are set-up to factory standard. However, each guitarist has their own style of playing and no two are alike. As such it is essential that your guitar is set-up to suit your style of playing. 


› Cut nut slots 
› Adjust truss rod 
› Set correct camber of saddles (electric only)
› Intonate (commonly electric only)
› Adjust action to suit
› Stretch strings in fully 

After much playing, a guitar's frets can become worn and uneven causing fret buzz. Another cause of fret buzz is due to warping of the neck, which can occur when the climate in which the instrument is kept alters dramatically. Both these problems can be easily rectified by a Fret dress. 

Fret Dress: 
› File frets down to remove unevenness
› Re-profile each fret
› Round fret ends
› Smooth and polish to a mirror sheen

Due to the fact that a guitar is made of wood and the unnatural pressures that the wood is subjected to, the neck may become misshapen causing high and low areas along the neck. This process is commonly referred to as warping. In many cases the problem can be rectified by a fret dress, yet in some cases more serious work needs to be undertaken, commonly in the form of a Re-fret. 

› Remove all frets
› Plane board 'flat' (maintaining camber)
› Re-cut fret slots
› Cut fret wire to length
› Insert new fret wire 
› Fret dress (this is commonly very light as there is usually very little unevenness) 

A guitar bought off the shelf may not entirely suit your needs, as such; modifications to the guitar can be performed. Whether it is due to playability or just the look, modifications can increase your love for the instrument and in some cases improve your playing. 

Examples of such modifications include: 
› Handcrafted Bone Nut or saddle 
› New electrical combination
› Re-fret to larger fret wire 
› Better quality components
› Fitting acoustic pickup 

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    Common onsite repairs

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    Electric guitar set-up
    £60 + strings
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    Bass Guitar Set-up
    £60 + strings
  • move
    Acoustic Guitar set-up
    £50 + strings
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    Electrical work
    £35 per hour + parts
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    Cut nut slots
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    Restring and reintonate
    £20 + strings
  • move
    £10 + strings
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    Common offsite repairs

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    Hand crafted bone saddle
  • move
    Handcrafted bone nut
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    Snapped neck repair
    from £40
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    Fret Dress and set-up
    £80 + strings
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    Re-fret and set-up
    from £180 + strings
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